Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Upcoming Dr. visits

On the 16th Lucy and Josh will have their first appointment in the wellness clinic. I think I have 20 pages of paper work each to fill out. They have to fast for the appointment. They are going to be doing the BodPod testing on them. Wow. High speed. I thought only that stuff was done to elite athletes and pro. sports people. I have no idea what else we can expect from this.

On the the 17th Lucy and Markas have thier vision test and on the 26th Josh sees the audiologist.

We had their blood work done yesterday. I hate that! Josh was a trooper. Stuck out his little arm, held daddy's hand, wimpered and they were done. Markas.....well......that was horrible. He sat in my lap. I had to wrap my legs around his and hold him tight to me. Someone else held his arm. She got him the first time.....and the second.....and the third. He started wiggling so much the first two times that she lost it but she hit the vein first stick each time. Finally convinced him he had to be still but the veins on the other arm aren't as good and they had to fish for it. I was just about to tell them to let me do it or we would forget it and do it another day when they got it. Lucy learned from her brother. She got in my lap, demanded I hold her the same way and told the girl she wouldn't move. They told her to look the other way and she said, "no, I want to watch but I won't move." Just before they stuck her she said, "I won't move but can I cry?" When it was done she declared, "that wasn't so bad after all."

We should stay nice and busy with all of our appointments. I don't know how often Lucy and Josh will be seen in the wellness clinic but I do know it will be on a fairly regular basis. These coupled with daddy's physical therapy and upcoming surgery.

Oh, and I register them for Kinder on the 12th!!!! I can't believe it!