Thursday, May 10, 2012

Best Friends, Faithfulness, and Answered Prayers

I have 2 best friends. I'm talking the kind of friends that you know will be there for you no matter what. I have a couple of other good friends that if I need something they do what they can but the other 2, well, I know they will drop everything for me. They would fly half way around the world to be with me, if possible.

One I have known for 32 years the other I've known for about 8 years. Sondra has been my best friend since childhood. We haven't lived anywhere close to one another in almost 20 years. We have had limited time together in the last 20 years, but, we are still sisters. When mom was so sick and then died, she did everything she could to try to be here for me. She currently lives with her Marine in Okinawa. I completely understand and the thought that she even tried tells me just how much she loves me. Of course, my mom was her mom too. My mom and I were there to see her graduate from college. She called me from Okinawa(the first time they lived there) to tell me she was pregnant with her oldest. She is a beautiful person and we have a whole lot of  history. There have been fights(when we were dumb teenagers), but, mostly it has been standing beside one another. I would do anything for her and I can't wait until they move back home. The military gets them for one more year then we get them back!

Then there is Lynne. We are like night and day. We have seriously asked each other why we are friends, but, we are. Other than my husband, she was one of two visitors I had during my weeks of hospitalization while pregnant with the trio. She has sat in the ER with me when I had to take someone in. She was by my side when Caitlin was in labor. She has been a babysitter when we had no one else. She has tagged along with me to the pumpkin patch, to pick strawberries, and to pick blackberries so that I wouldn't have to go alone with the trio. She has gone shopping with me just to keep me company. She flew home from Kuwait the day after my moms funeral(after trying like crazy to get there sooner) and took me for my first(and only) ever pedicure. She has held my hand and let me cry. Now, she is off to Iraq. I know am blessed to have these two beautiful women in my life.

I have longed for a long time to be able to just be a wife and mother. It isn't that I don't want to work, I just don't want to do it outside of my house. Well, Lynne's leaving for Iraq kind of forced us into making a decision and the only one that seemed logical was for me to go part time. I feel like it is the best decision but I am still struggling with remaining faithful that God will take care of us. When I start to doubt it seems he shows me just one more time that I don't need to doubt. I have said before that since everything started with mom getting sick I have grown more in my faith. I could have turned away and been angry(believe me, there was some anger and probably still is a little) but I have a wonderful husband who gently guided me along the way. It seems like faith, trust, and growing in God comes so easily to some people and yet I struggle all the way. I'm sure everyone does, it just seems to some it comes easily. I have been stressing about being able to work enough hours to get the money that we need each month. My wonderful husband called me today and told me that he will have a small pay raise(first one in over 6 years) effective June 1. There is a very strong possibility that they will get take home cars(this would be huge for us! We spend almost 1000 a month on gas and most of that is for him. He drives almost 40 miles one way) in the next couple of months and with the new fiscal year there should be another fairly decent pay raise as well. The only thing we know for certain is that effective June 1 there will be a small pay raise. The thought that the other two could happen seems to just be a reaffirmation that we just need to trust Him and He will take care of us.

Now, on this yucky rainy day, with three five year olds stuck in the house, I need to go break up what is sure to be the first of many fights today.