Monday, May 7, 2012

Follow-Ups and Mother's Day

Josh passed his hearing test with flying colors. Lucy and Markas did OK on the eye exam. He had originally told me in January that he wouldn't see them again for a couple of years but there was enough of a change in Lucy's vision since January that he decided he will see us again in 9 months or so. He said it wasn't bad enough to pay for glasses that we would have to keep up with and keep from getting broken, yet.

Lucy and Josh had a decent appointment in the wellness clinic. The BodPod test was kind of cool. Their BMI's are high, Lucy's more so than Josh. We visited with the doctor who gave me some ideas. We see the nutritionist next week and then the doctor again the week after that.

As of last Friday I am a part time paramedic. Yay!!! I think I have the money thing figured out and I think we will be OK if we keep trusting in the Lord and being careful. My best friend has been helping us since pretty much my mom died. She got a job with the same company I used to work for and she left yesterday for Iraq. We decided when we found out she was leaving that it was time to stop depending on other people to help us. Daycare makes no sense. I can make just as much working part time as I would after paying for day care and working full time. My boss wasn't real thrilled about it but oh well, my family comes first anyway.

My son sent this to me the other day. It kind of sums up how I feel. Mother's day just doesn't seem all that important now that mom is gone. I miss her terribly each and every day. Most days are good but I still have my moments. I was just listening to some music the other day while cooking and Barbara Mandrell "I was country(when country wasn't cool) came on. I ended up bawling like a baby.

It seems like only yesterday

I sent a Mother’s Day card away.

I didn’t think it would be the last,

I signed it with love and mailed it fast.

Now that she has gone away,

It doesn’t feel like Mother’s Day.

There are no more chances to send a card,

To ship some flowers, to make a call.

There’s no more thanking her for all she’s done.

No more visits,

No more fun.

I cannot hug her or kiss her cheek.

I cannot even share a laugh.

It all too quickly became the past.

I took each visit with her for granted.

I thought there’d always be more to come.

The camera lies still now

From her use and mine.

All the pictures have been taken,

All the memories have been made.

All the words have been spoken,

All the letters have been mailed.

The thing I miss the most of all

Has got to be her voice

Whether on the telephone or talking face to face.

I’d wish for one more conversation either here or at her place.

I know I’ll see her again some day,

We’ll share the sights of heaven.

We’ll talk, we’ll laugh, we’ll hug,

We’ll kiss….it’ll be Mother’s Day once more.

But until then I’ll be a mom for Mother’s Day instead of

Being a daughter.