Monday, May 14, 2012

Overwhelmed with Information

We had an appointment with a child nutritionist today. It's part of our plan with the wellness clinic that Josh and Lucy are in. I thought I knew at least a little about nutrition. I was wrong! She was increadibly helpful though. We spent an hour together. We are working on heart healthy eating for the time. Since they all had high cholesterol and high triglycerides. Things that I thought were healthy I realized are not. I finally know what I should be looking for in nutrition information on things. Obviously, this is a given, homemade anything is better that packaged or store bought. This was part of my plan with going part time at work. Make more homemade stuff. I have a pasta maker, I used to make my own pasta. Time to start again. Basically, I learned it's time to clean out the clutter. Kind of wierd, really. I've been thinking it was time to declutter a lot of things. I guess the easiest will be to start with our diet. She did tell me weight loss is not our goal, although, if they lose a little that's fine too. No more than 1lb. a month though. We basically want to support their growing bodies in a healthy way so that they grow into their weight. This is going to be a long road. Probably a hard one too. So many things we are used to, habits we have, we have to change. All of us. I'm excited about the prospects. I'm scared too. Scared I'm going to continue to fail my kids. Scared I'm not going to be good enough. Geez, they should make you take a class on real nutrition when you get pregant with your first child. In our society today, one of convienence and fast food how do people really know about real nutrition? I don't mean the food pyramid either. There is so much more to it than that. Things I had never, ever heard before. Granted, some it is common sense, but, it seems to me that isn't very common anymore anyway. It truly is overwhelming but she gave me handouts so that helps. It's time for some serious meal planning and finding new recipes and even some of the old ones I haven't used in a long time. One of the coolest things I learned was this. Our taste buds are constantly changing(I knew that part) and it takes, on average, 15 times of trying something we don't like before we can begin to develop a taste for it. I have always made my kids eat at least a little of whatever I have made. My 2 oldest are pretty good about eating veggies, at least they used to be, I guess they still are. Josh eats veggies very well. Lucy does not. I made green beans with dinner tonight. We agreed that she would eat 5 green beans. Hey, it's a start and if she does it enough then she should eventually develop a taste for them. She ate the first 2 and I saw her making faces. As she was eating the third one she starting gagging and heaving. I told her no more. She didn't have to eat anymore. I was forced to eat things I didn't like all the time when I was a kid. The nutritionist told me today that we don't ever want to force them to eat something that makes them gag because then they will never develop a taste for it. Makes sense. I have a very hard time eating veggies because I was forced to eat them, not just a little either, when I was a kid. So much to learn and change. Change is good. I keep reminding myself that. Whew, I will be trying my hand at gardening, making bread, back to making pasta, making tortillas and a whole lot more very soon!


Dorinda said...

How is it going? Are you making more meals at home? What are you making? I'd like to eat healthier but I don't feel like we do enough most of the time!

Denise Wheeler said...

Things are going. I'm definitely cooking more. I just updated the blog again with our latest doctor appointment info. So frustrating, I just want to cry.