Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wrong Direction

We saw the doctor again this past Monday. Josh has stayed the same over the last month. Miss Lucy grew a little bit in height but she gained a pound, and, her waist is a little bigger. We are moving in the wrong direction with her. I am now keeping a food diary for both of them to see if we can pinpoint where I am screwing up.

It breaks my heart every morning when she is trying to get dressed and can barely get her pants up. Her little butt crack is constantly showing because her pants are either too small or too big. I can't find clothes that actually fit her. I'm angry that I begged for so long for help with her only to be patted on the head and told that I was doing everything right and she just needed to increase her activity. I'm eternally grateful that I am now getting some help but it's a little late in the game and my baby girl is going to start school being a monster in size compared to other kids in her class. I just pray that the teasing doesn't start this early. I pray that we get her to where she needs to be before the teasing does start. She already makes comments about being fat and I have NO idea where she is getting it. We have NEVER told her she was fat. I have had to get after the boys for telling her she can't do something because she is too fat. This is so frustrating for me. Yes, I am fat now but I haven't always been. I mean, I weighed 93 lbs. when I got pregnant with my oldest son. I gained 100 lbs while I was pregnant but 6 months after he was born I was back down to 100 lbs. and back in my size 3 jeans. I was up to about 110 when I got pregnant with my oldest daughter and I only gained 15 lbs with her. I didn't really start gaining weight until I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and put on steroids. Things just kind of went down hill from there for me and most of it has been since I married my wonderful hubby. I blame him. ;)

I would love to put her in a dance class or gymnastics. However, it is kind of a lose/lose situation. We can't afford it if I am only working part time but, if I am working full time, there is no way to get the kids to and from activities. So, I'm doing what I can. I went and bought the Wii Just Dance Kids games. We are doing those everyday as well as the usual playing outside. We don't eat out. I cook everything at home and almost everything from scratch. We don't eat out. My kids don't get anything to eat as far as snacks go except fruit or veggies(Josh is the only one who will eat veggies though) and that gets really boring. So, if anyone actually reads this, if you have any suggestions to make the fruit and veggies a little more interesting, I'm all ears.


MaryBeth said...

Hey Denise,
I just wanted to let you know that I'm reading and I'm sorry you are struggling so much with this. I pray that you will find a solution for Miss Lucy! Hang in there!!

Dorinda said...

That is tough! I'll be praying for you! My only thoughts on the fruits/veggies is to have them out all the time. I love fruits and veggies but often hate to take the time to cut them up, etc. but when they're laid out for me I snack on them like crazy!

As for eating out, do they like Ruby Tuesday? My kids love it there and they make their own salad plates with all the good stuff - gives you an idea what they really like anyway.

Hope you can find some answers soon.