Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daddy's Home

Daddy is doing well. He had a couple issues after surgery but they were resolved and he got to come home 3 days after surgery. The home health nurse comes to the house every other day and the physical therapist comes every day. His pain is tolerable and he is getting around fairly well.

Lucy and Josh had another follow up with doctor in the wellness clinic. Josh has lost another pound and Lucy has gained a pound. Josh has grown about an inch and a half since April and Lucy has grown an inch and a half since last month! We are getting there......slowly.

Most days we do fairly well with our eating. I think it is kind of sad that I look forward to our Bountiful Basket every other week as much as I do. This Saturday we will get who knows what in our basket but we are also getting a bunch of blueberries! I wonder what I can find to do with them?

I started growing some celery. It's doing fairly well. I think in a couple days it will be ready to be planted in the dirt. I'm excited about that too.

Matthew said one day recently that we should make a fajita casserole, so, last night for dinner that is what we did. Healthy? No, absolutely not. Super yummy? You better believe it!

We took preseasoned beef fajitas and cooked them. Placed a couple tortillas on the bottom of a baking dish, layered the beef, then Rico's nacho cheese on top of that, then spanish rice, then grilled onions and peppers. Topped with 2 more tortillas and sprinkled with cheese. Threw it in the oven for about 20 minutes. It was really good but I know it was oh so bad for us. Even the leftovers that I had for lunch today were good. There was enough that it fed the 6 of us and I know there was enough left to feed the 6 of us again.