Saturday, July 14, 2012


Time flies when you aren't looking! The trio will be starting school in 6 weeks. I can't believe my babies are going to be in Kinder! I find it amazing that my tiny little babies who didn't even fit into preemie clothes at 2 months old are going to be going off to Kinder, and my baby girl is in a size 10 clothes!.

We are plucking along. I'm getting pretty good at making bread. I can't make the cereal I make last more than a couple days in the house. The last time I made it, I caught Markas taking some everytime he walked past the container. I have started doing a food co-op called Bountiful Baskets. OH MY WORD!!!! You should check it out and consider doing it if you have one near you. I drive 30 miles to the closest one but to me it is totally worth it! I was spending a fortune on fruits and veggies at the store. I can get a basket of fruits and veggies for 15 dollars every other week from BB. Fresh produce, something different all the's kind of like Christmas!!! I love it and I'm saving a ton of money. I plan my meals around what we get in the basket and it has made a huge difference. My only problem is, occasionally, I get veggies that I'm not real sure what they are. I grew up with limited, it has been interesting but fun!

Steve is having surgery this coming Tuesday(17th). He is getting a new knee, a total replacement. We are looking forward to him being able to walk better and all that good stuff after he heals but I think we are both pretty nervous about the possible bad things that can happen with him being diabetic. I'm also a little leary of what it's going to be like with him being home ALL the time after he gets out of the hospital and until he can go back to work. He has a tendency to drive me bonkers sometimes. :)