Monday, September 17, 2012

Epic Fail!!!!

I have failed miserably at keeping up with this blog. Since my last post, the trio started school, daddy went back to work on light duty, and we are rapidly approaching the one year anniversary of my mom's death.

The trio are doing well in school. Markas had one bad day in the library. Teacher said he was fine in class. He was so upset that he had a sad face from the librarian that he didn't want to get off the bus and then cried for 15 minutes after getting off the bus.

Lucy cried the other day because she was finished with her homework and wanted to erase it and do it again. She cried when we wouldn't let her. I'm not foolish to think this will continue but I sure am hoping it does. This girl loves school!

Josh is doing well. He is so tired when they get home in the afternoon. He usually falls asleep on the bus. Poor baby boy.

Daddy is glad to be back to work(mommy is too!), even if it is light duty. He is hoping that he will back to full duty by the first of October, middle of the month at the latest. He is doing really well. He has been able to bend 120 degrees for a while now and straightening it to -5. Still has quite a bit of swelling, especially after a day at work. He is still doing physical therapy too.

We recently went to fix the wall that our couch sits on. After fixing it, I decided it needed to be painted. So, 2 weeks ago, Jessi, Caitlin, Matthew and I spent 8 hours painting. It sure does look pretty and was so much fun doing it. We did an amber aging technique kind of thing.

I guess I have been struggling with the rapid approach of my mom's death. My house is a disaster and I've done nothing to plan meals, just been flying by the seat of my pants, our budget is shot and I haven't cared. Time to pull up the big girl panties and get over it. Well, in a sense. I realize I need my moments and those are OK but it's not OK to go on like I have been. Good grief. Time to get back on track.