Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time Flies

Time flies by so quickly! I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. So much for doing better at keeping up with the blog.

I spent all day on the anniversary of my mom's death canning. I made lots of strawberry jam and Caitlin and I cored a ton of apples and made lots and lots of apple sauce. I can't remember if I have mentioned it before(I'm sure I have) that I have been getting our fruits and veggies through a food co-op, well, the middle of Sept. they had a 38lb box of apples, so, I bought it. I also bought 16lbs of strawberries and that was what we used to make jam and apple sauce. Yummy stuff and so much fun, not to mention, it kept me busy.

The trio are doing well in school. Lucy is so smart but she tries to play dumb. So frustrating. Markas is struggling a bit with recognizing all of his letters but he tries hard. Josh is doing pretty good but he struggles a little bit on occasion too. They all enjoy school though.

Daddy takes his fitness for duty test tomorrow and will be back on the streets on Thursday. He is anxious to get out of an office and back to what he loves. He fell a while back and landed on his knee. They intially thought he had fractured his knee cap but the surgeon said it was good, just bruised, so, that set him back a couple of weeks. He has a little more swelling than before but he is doing well.

We have been fighting lots of sickness around here. Between the three of them they have missed more than 3 weeks of school since the middle of September. The worst has been Markas. I took him to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with pneumonia, put on antibiotics and sent home. He did great and finished his meds 10 days later. The very next day he woke up a couple hours after going to bed throwing up. He just wouldn't stop throwing up so after throwing up 15 times in an hour and a half we went to the emergency room. He kept saying his tummy hurt, so that, combined with the vomiting and the fact that he had a white blood cell count of 27,000, they thought he had apendicitis. Ultrasound didn't show anything and neither did the MRI but the surgeon was afraid that since he had just finished antibiotics and the ER gave him IV antibiotics when they got his blood work back all of that was keeping any inflamation at bay. He spent 3 days in the hospital. After the second day in the hospital mommy had to call his nurse and ask her to take mommy to the ER. I was so dehydrated after just 2 hours that they gave me 2 liters of fluid and had to use 2 different meds to get me to stop throwing up. After that, the surgeon felt pretty comfortable with the fact that he just had tummy bug and when he was able to keep fluids and some solid food down she let him go home. Since then we have had sinus infections, pink eye, and upper respiratory infections. I'm hoping that they have gotten it all out of their systems now and will stay healthy.

First day of school

The wall we painted

Just because. :)        

Markas after morphine

Devin @ corn maize    

Jayden @ corn maize   

Jayden and Jessi          

Boys making Jayden laugh


Most of our kids!!!!!!!!!!!!