Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I always seem to be playing catch up. It's my own fault really. I'm terrible at time management.

So many things to be grateful for. I am grateful to have a friend that will run to our rescue without hesitation. They have helped us out so much over the last year. They assisted another friend with watching the trio while we went to Georgia to check out job possibilities. They kept the trio while daddy was in the hospital having surgery. They were there to get 2/3 off the bus and taken care of while Markas was in the hospital. She ran to my rescue this past Saturday as everything was falling apart for the trios upcoming birthday party and now, today, they took daddy to the airport so that I didn't have to drag the trio out of bed at 430 in the morning to get him there. I must think that through a little better next year.

I am grateful for Mondays. Crazy to most people I know but we aren't normal people with normal work schedules. Daddy is off on Sunday and Monday. So, Sunday, we get to be a whole family the whole day(unless I have to work of course) and Monday, after 6+ years, I get to have a day with just daddy. We had our first day together with just us yesterday and it was wonderful. I almost forgot how much I enjoy being with my husband. Trio went to school and we went shopping and then had lunch and then came home and I went to work, but, the morning and early afternoon with the just the two of us was wonderful. I'm grateful for Mondays.

So many other things but I just simply can't think right now and I must run to get some blackberry jelly made.


Dorinda said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one playing catch-up! I hope your trio had a wonderful birthday. Just doesn't seem possible that they could be SIX!!