Saturday, April 6, 2013


My poor little Markas. He did great after the endoscopy. But, as is with my little guy, nothing can be easy. He got sent home from school Thursday morning with a fever of 103. He complained a little bit about his throat and he was coughing a little. Friday afternoon, late afternoon of course, he started complaining of itching and I noticed a rash all over his chest, stomach, and back. I took him to the doctor today and he has scarlet fever and pneumonia. I really don't know when this poor baby is going to finally catch a break.


113Mom96 said...

I always forget to check blogs!! With Wordpress you be e-mailed when updates happen so I don't think to go in and I get so behind!

Thinking and praying for you and the kids especially Markas. Glad you have the blog for me to catch up with you so easily :)