Sunday, June 16, 2013

We are officially............

1st graders and homeschoolers! It's been a very busy month. Lots of appts. and just general running around.
We had a little ceremony at school for completing kinder. It was nice, complete with a little breakfast for all.
We are now members in 2 different homeschool groups and can't wait to get to know everyone. We have a couple of friends in both groups already so that is nice. Mommy is slowly getting everything together and gathering curriculum. Mommy is still kind of freaking out that she is going to mess things up but she has some great friends that are helping her along the way.

We went and did a little photo shoot to make daddy a Father's Day gift. Mommy was the photographer.

Not really much exciting stuff has happened, so, we have some pics to share and that is really about it.

Last day of school

Chicken Little in one of their centers

Goosey Lucy in a center

Turkey Lurkey and Dad in a center

Turkey Lurkey and Mom

Chicken Little and Mom

Turkey Lurkey and Teacher
Chicken Little and Teacher

Goosey Lucy and Teacher

Trio, Caico, and Bubba

Trio, Bubba, and Caico

The boys

The boys

The girls

Bubba, trio, and Caico


Caico and the boys

Bubba and Caico

Chicken Little and Goosey Lucy

Chicken Little and Turkey Lurkey