Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Official


Chicken Little was officially diagnosed with hearing loss yesterday. Right now it is mild. There is no way to really know if it is stable or will progress. He will have hearing tests every 6 months for a while so they can try to determine if it is stable or progressive. I know he will have an ABR sometime soon so they can try to figure out if it is sensorineural or conductive. The audiologist thinks it may be due to the scarlet fever he had this past April.

He is still going to speech and OT twice a week. He is working hard but I am struggling big time with getting him to do any handwriting at home for school work. He just complains about how tired his hand gets. I know his hand does get tired but he has to do it. The therapist said they have been working with theraputty and a little handwriting but they have been focusing more on the visual perceptual stuff. Obviously, that is really important so that he can start reading better and also be able to see "right" to write.

I admit, there are days/weeks that I dread the thought of one more appointment. One more time we have to drive 30+ miles and spend hours upon hours away from home. My house is a wreck and I'm not sure it will ever recover. I've threatened to just move. At this point it seems like it may be easier. Ok, maybe not but there are definitely times it feels like it. Oh well, they are only little once and I have to give him the best possible chance of being successful. I don't care if my children go to college or not. It isn't for everyone. The one thing I want for them is to be life long learners. I want them to have such a love of learning that they are constantly "thirsty" and seeking knowledge, of anything and everything, to quench their "thirst".

Anyway, some recent pics of Turkey Lurkey, Goosey Lucy, and Chicken Little are above in that order.