Monday, October 28, 2013

New Beginnings.......

Lots has happened since I last updated. Caitlin got married a week and half ago. She is having a little girl due 2/15/14. Her name is Sophia Grace. My dad and step mom spent almost 2 weeks with us. I was so nice to have them here. We got lots of quilting projects done. Now I have 3 quilt tops done and ready to be quilted(not sure when that will happen), I made a fall table runner and a Christmas wall hanging. Now, I am working on Goosey Lucy's quilt.

Hubby and I spent 3 days in Vegas for his CATM reunion. The reunion was fun. Hoover Dam was pretty cool. Vegas is not my kind of town. Just didn't get excited by it all. Guess I'm boring.

Markas accepted Christ 2 weeks ago. Yay!!!! He will start his New Christian Class in Decemeber. He has to wait that long because Josh is starting his in November. Yay!!!! They don't want them in the same class so they can be sure that they really know and understand and didn't do it just because Lucy did. She is finished with her class and we are meeting with another counselor and then the pastor this week.

Lucy is such a tender, sweet, loving girl. Yesterday during church, our drummer collapsed.  I was sitting alone with them so there was no way I could go help but I also knew that there were doctors and nurses very close by that got to him very quickly. Thank God the church put AED's in a couple of years ago. They started CPR and got the AED hooked up to him. It shocked him and they resumed CPR. Maybe 30 seconds later you could hear him take a breath. All the while Lucy was crying and asking me what was happening. Since I don't believe in lying to my kids, I told her that his heart had stopped beating. She told that made her very very sad but if he died then she would be happy for him because he would get to be with Jesus. He was awake and sitting up when the ambulance took him out. After church last night daddy took her to the hospital to see him. She held his hand, gave him the picture she made(the boys did too). She told him she was really glad he was OK. He underwent quadruple bypass surgery today. Surgery went well and he is doing well. Lucy has decided now that she wants to be a missionary doctor when she grows up.

Markas is still doing speech and OT. He is still giving me a hard time with handwriting stuff. Josh is doing OK and Lucy is doing great. She loves school. She loves reading.

Daddy needs to have surgery on his hand. He needs a ligament release and a tendon transfer. I'm trying really hard not to freak out about the money thing. I'm trying to trust that the Lord will provide but it's hard when my brakes started grinding today and I don't know how we are going to pay for that and daddy is still working. With a reduction in income, no matter how temporary it is, it's going to be even more difficult.

Anyway, hopefully sometime soon I will get the pictures downloaded so I can post a few on here.