Thursday, October 30, 2014

Almost a Year Later.........

Whew, I don't think anyone really blogs anymore. I've certainly been terrible about it. It's been almost a year since my last post. So many things have changed. Again. Funny how that happens. Time moves on. Life goes on. Nothing stays the same. I've watched as so many people have had their worlds shatter and life turned upside down for them. It seems this last year hasn't been so spectacular for a lot of people.

First. our big change. We moved. We downsized. We downsized our mortgage and our lot and house. It is wonderful. Sort of. I miss some of the space I had and I'm still struggling to figure out what to get rid of and where I'm going to put the stuff I'm keeping. My kitchen is much smaller. I am much happier. No more 30+ miles to get to an appointment. No more hours lost just in driving. We officially close on Nov. 4 on the sale of our house and then close on the purchase of the new house a day or so later. We haven't lived in our old house in over a month. And. I DON'T miss it. I don't. There are aspects that occasionally I miss, but, it was just a house and land. There is still work to be done to the new house and it will happen in time. No rush that is for sure. We are just enjoying a simpler way of life now.

My oldest baby girl had her baby girl on 01/29/14. Sophia Grace was born a very healthy, beautiful baby with a head full of dark hair. She is a beautiful little girl and very happy. At 2 months of age things were really bad between mommy and daddy. He hasn't been around since and their divorce will be final by the end of the year. Little D's daddy has been around and she absolutely adores her big brother(Little D) and his daddy, who really, has taken the role of her daddy. He adores her just as much as she does him. We will see where all this leads.

Goosey Lucy will be seeing an endocrinologist next month(it was the soonest they could get her in). She is showing lots of signs of puberty already and her growth is still out of this world. Her pedi wants them to do their more thorough testing to see if there is something causing it. She is 4' 8" and weighs 125lbs. She is still absolutely beautiful. Her thyroid function was normal and we are waiting on more lab results. The pedi mentioned something about the endo being able to test cortisol levels and other stuff.

Turkey Lurkey and Chicken Little are still doing ST and OT and now Chicken Little is in PT as well. It seems we wasted an entire year at the old therapy clinic. We switched clinics about 2 months ago because I didn't feel any progress was being made. They both will having neuropsych testing done. We go in the beginning of next month for the testing to get the referral. It's all so frustrating and I was having a big 'ol pitty party earlier. Silly isn't it?

Daddy had his surgery last November. He finally went back to work in March and 1 week later was out again because he, again, tore his achille's tendon. He finally went back to work about a month later. Then he ended up with a sore on his big toe in May. It was doing well, for a while. The doctor finally told him he wanted to do a partial amputation of the toe because it wasn't healing. With all the work he had missed he said no. The end of September he got sick. Ran a fever for about a week. Finally on a Monday morning he asked me to look at his toe. I told him he was going to see his doctor or to the ER. Those were his only options. It suddenly look horrible. He was able to get in to see the doctor. The doctor sent him immediately to the hospital and amputated that toe, partially, that night. He had developed gangrene. Thank goodness he listened to me because the doctor said if he had waited even one more day he would have lost his entire foot. Scary stuff. He just went back to work last week.

I'm still here. Plugging along. Trying to stop relying on myself so much and put my trust where it should be, in the Lord.

                                                 Big brother and his baby sister
                                                      Aunt Goosey holding baby Sophia


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